Hello and congratulations on your pregnancy! I am delighted you are here. I am Nicola Wilson and I teach HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method, in Kirkliston, Edinburgh

I also offer the most beautiful, gentle baby classes for your little one, once they arrive. Classes are run from my comfortable home studio in Kirkliston, Edinburgh. With Nicola Wilson HypnoBirthing you will be given support, guidance and care through your pregnancy, your birth and your baby’s first year.

When you think of giving birth how do you feel? Really put yourself in that moment and think about how you feel now and how you would like to feel? How would you like to feel on this day? This day of your baby’s birth. This day where you will go through labour and at the end of it, you will meet your baby for the very first time, look into their eyes and touch their soft skin. This day is so important. It forms a memory like no other and it stays with women forever. Sometimes for all the right reasons and sometimes not. It also stays with your child forever. More relaxed pregnancies help the structure of your baby’s brain to be at it’s optimal, and gentler births create happier babies.

The way women are treated and the way pregnancy has been viewed and handled has changed many times over many centuries. Where we are right now should be the safest possible time to be a pregnant women, due to our wonderful advances in medical care. And it is, however, and this is big – we have over medicalised and over complicated birth. We are a society that expects birth to go wrong. We expect labour and birth to be a difficult, almost impossible thing to accomplish without needing intervention and possibly rescued at some point. What does that mindset do to women? It leaves you feeling shit scared that’s what it does. So when we are anticipating birth, we are scared. Deep down in our subconscious mind we are scared. This is one of the main reasons why birth goes wrong today. That, and a lack of owning your choices, or preparing your mind and body. Leaving this day that will stay with you in your memory for the rest of your life, should not be left to chance and it is not something to ‘go with the flow on’ on the day. It is too important. When you feel powerful, prepared and in control, the memory of your baby’s birth will be exceptional and you will look back and smile, time and time again.

HypnoBirthing brings women back to what is really normal in birth. Hypnosis is a hugely successful tool to clear out the stress, worry, anxiety, and fear about how you will give birth. Through attending these classes and having my guidance and support, you will learn how your body really works during labour and birth. You will realise that there are successful, evidence based Mongan Method techniques that do make a difference. Women need this today, after the years of being conditioning to believe that birth is awful. HypnoBirthing makes birth more straightforward and less traumatic for women and babies. And many women who have attended my classes say hand on heart, that it has not only transformed their birth experience, it has changed their lives. It is that powerful.

The Mongan Method is the first ever, original and remains the gold standard among all HypnoBirthing courses that exist today. It is an internationally run course that is now in it’s 26th year. With an outstanding, evidence based programme, it prepares you for the birth of you baby with absolute confidence. As a result of HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method, women have statistically shorter labours, they have less medical intervention and less need for pain relief. Their partners are more involved and can play their supportive role with increased knowledge and confidence. Hypnosis is a fantastic tool that completely changes your perspective on childbirth and therefore, the way that you give birth.

Once you have started your HypnoBirthing classes with me, I will be by your side to support you until your baby arrives. After your little one has been born, why not continue our journey together with classes that are centred around bonding, and long term well-being for you both.

All Nicola’s classes are here to help you enjoy your pregnancy, birth and your baby’s early days with as much inner happiness as possible.

I can’t wait to welcome you along!

Nicola x

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