Having a baby?

Let’s make this time as exciting, memorable and as stress free as possible!

Hypnobirthing an evidence based, fully comprehensive ante-natal class that focuses on relaxation, mind set, knowledge and stepping into your own power.

It will help you to embrace the prospect of giving birth, and to go on to enjoy all the good times with your baby in their early years. This time is too precious not to prepare for.

Nicola Wilson Hypnotherapy
Nicola Wilson Childbirth Educator and Trainee Clinical Hypnotherapist

What if I told you that you could have a completely calm and enjoyable pregnancy, labour and birth? Hypnobirthing is a structured birthing program designed specifically for couples who want a calmer, more positive birthing experience.

Step by step, it guides you through the natural childbirth process and gives you the tools to relax and enjoy this time. You can follow on with Nicola with the most welcoming, relaxing baby classes around. Learn tools for your own mental health and parenting journey, increasing you happiness and resilience long term.

“Hypnobirthing gave me a wonderful birth experience, one that I did not even think was possible. The whole experience has really changed me and I feel so much more confident. Following on with Nicola’s baby classes is the highlight of our week.”

Gillian 2021

“When we change the way we view birth, the way that we birth will change.”

Marie Mongan

Nicola Wilson Hypnobirthing

“Hypnobirthing changed not only how I see birth but the way I function day to day. A million times over, thank you Nicola!”

Kaite 2019

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Nicola’s Hypnobirthing classes will fill you with more confidence, clarity and calm than you can imagine. This is an antenatal experience with a difference and one you will fondly remember forever.

Once your baby is here, you can follow on your journey with me and engage in the most wonderful, loving activities, in my beautiful, gentle baby classes.

Nicola Wilson Hypnobirthing

Classes on offer…

Nicola Wilson Hypnobirthing

All Nicola’s classes support the evidence on the ‘1001 days of life movement’; increasing positive birth rates and improving both infant and maternal mental health and well being, This is at the heart of everything Nicola offers.


“My aim is to help you enjoy your pregnancy, your birth and your baby’s early days with as much inner happiness as possible. This time is too precious to leave to chance.”


Providing a safe space for you…

I give all parents a safe space to come and be listened to, experience deep relaxation and to be equipped with specific strategies to give birth more easily. The baby classes are for you and your baby to bond, feel more confident and connected together.

I can help you to understand and cope with the emotional complexities of Motherhood, now and into your future. My wish is that coming to classes will give you the opportunity to connect more deeply with your baby and will help you to feel more confident and inspired.

HypnoBirthing Classes
Nicola Wilson Classes

“We went to all Nicola’s classes from when Charlie was tiny, and loved them. My husband said he always knew when I’d been as I seemed happier. I’m now doing Hypnobirthing Classes with baby number 2.”