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Nicola Wilson HypnoBirthing

Childbirth Educator and Doula.  Her interest in birth and the early years has inspired her to create her own business. Nicola gives families informative, meaningful experiences that will support you in making informed decisions for yourself and your baby. Having a special interest in maternal mental health., her HypnoMothering class offers support beyond pregnancy and birth.

Nicola’s Talks about her why…

The atmosphere and gentle nurturing skills she shares in all classes, makes for a happy start to life together.  Nicola’s mission is to increase the rates of positive births and create truly memorable experiences for you to share with your baby. The classes she offers extend past pregnancy and birth.  

Nicola Wilson HypnoBirthing

Previous to starting her birth and baby classes, Nicola was a senior speech and language therapist.  In her time with the NHS, she worked with children, teenagers and adults with special needs. Being a therapist for 14 years, Nicola has a professional background in the caring profession.

“Creating my business has been life changing for us as a family.  My children were my inspiration to start my classes.  I love making people feel welcome, included and heard.  From being pregnant, giving birth and getting to know your new self as a parent. I am here to support you on this journey.”

As a Mum of three Hypnobirthing babies Nicola has a wealth of pregnancy, birth, post-natal and maternal experience.

Working with you

“Having 6 years experience of teaching Hypnobirthing, I have taught over 100 couples and have three Hypnobirthing babies myself. I have taught many first time parents who have birthed in different settings, couples who have had previous traumatic births, women who have had elective sections, elective breech births, VBACs. And one of the most amazing experiences was to see the transformational effect Hypnobirthing had on one lady who had an extreme fear of childbirth. She was able to turn this around, start to feel excited about her pregnancy, and went on to have a successful home birth with her first baby.

Teaching baby massage, yoga and GroovaRoo is a lovely follow on from your birth prep classes. They are wonderful activities for your baby’s development, for your bond, and they provide support, community, friendship and guidance for you.”

Follow Up Care

If you need some extra support after Hypnobirthing, ie, if your circumstances change, or you need to chat through your birth preferences. I am always just a phone call or message away.

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