About Nicola

About Nicola  …

Nicola is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Childbirth Educator, trained Doula and Mum of three Hypnobirthing babies.  She has a special interest in mental health, pregnancy, birth and the early years. Nicola provides relaxing and supportive class experiences for families and one to one Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. You can find out more about Hypnotherapy for stress, anxiety, depression and more at Nicola’s Hypnotherapy website, here.

 What Nicola offers

Nicola’s mission is to increase the rates of positive births and create truly memorable experiences for you to share with your baby. The classes she offers extend past pregnancy and birth.  The atmosphere and gentle nurturing skills she shares in all classes, makes for a happy start to life together. 

Previous to starting her birth and baby classes, Nicola was a senior speech and language therapist.  In her time with the NHS, she worked with children, teenagers and adults with learning disabilities. Being a therapist for 14 years, Nicola has a professional background in the caring profession. As a Mum of three Hypnobirthing babies Nicola has a wealth of pregnancy, birth, post-natal and maternal experience.

Creating my business has been life changing for us as a family.  My children were my inspiration to start my classes.  I love making people feel welcome, included and heard.  From being pregnant, giving birth and getting to know your new self as a parent. I am here to support you on this journey.”

Follow up support…

If you need help beyond classes, with anxiety, low mood, postnatal depression or birth trauma, please do get in touch. I have more information on my Hypnotherapy website. I work with a lot of women who are doing an amazing job but are under a lot of stress. You don’t have to be at rock bottom to seek help. When we look after ourselves, we can look after our children with more capacity, resilience and happiness.


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