Baby Massage

Run over 5 consecutive weeks, baby massage classes are suitable from birth to pre-crawling. You will receive organic coconut oil for baby, theory on the benefits of massage, massage handouts, tea/coffee and home baking each week. Classes are small, welcoming and highly supportive.

Next Start Date: Wednesday 8th Nov – 10:00am – 11:30am – fully booked – new block coming soon!

Based in Nicola’s family home in Kirkliston, Edinburgh, the studio is a modern tranquil space, perfect for relaxation.

Underfloor heating keeps babies cosy for massage and parents ultimately relaxed for HypnoBirthing and HypnoMothering.

Twinkling fairy lights and essential oils being diffused into the room add to the atmosphere of calm. Delicious home baking offered during classes is also a welcome extra.

Every effort is made to ensure your comfort and enjoyment at every class.

What can I expect from a baby massage class?

In small, welcoming group sessions, parents and caregivers are taught a full body massage routine, over a 5 week block, to soothe your little one. Run from Nicola’s cosy, tranquil home studio, this class is highly supportive.

In this class you are recognised as a new parent with an understanding of this wonderful time but also acknowledgment of challenges that we all face.

At Nicola’s Baby massage Classes you will receive organic coconut oil, a massage guide, tea/coffee, delicious home baking and a wealth of friendship and support.

Baby Massage is an excellent bonding activity with numerous health benefits. The studio is a safe space, with cosy underfloor heating to keep your baby nice and warm.

Coming to this gives you the opportunity to chat to other parents. As we all are experience very similar joys and challenges. It does not matter if your baby cries, needs fed or changed.

We listen to babies and there is no pressure to keep up with the massage routine if your baby is unhappy. We can go over anything you may miss. Classes are very relaxed, supportive and baby led.

Is massage really important for babies?

Baby massage helps your baby to relax and fall asleep with skin to skin contact. Massage provides numerous additional health benefits for your baby, including weight increase, digestion aid, improved circulation, and relief from teething pain. 

Massage is a wonderful method for you and your partner to bond with your newborn while also being soothing. It often forms one of the most memorable experiences with your baby, one you will treasure forever.

The more time you spend in close contact and the more you massage your baby, these feelings of love will grow. Establishing this loving routine will ensure that your bond will be strong for a lifetime. Massaging your baby improves parent mood and confidence

What are the benefits?

Massage is a lovely way for you to express your love and care for your baby. Massage can soothe your baby and help reassure them that you are there and that they are safe. The soothing strokes of your hands encourage the production of the feel-good hormone oxytocin in you, your baby. When your baby’s close or whilst breastfeeding them, oxytocin is the hormone that gives you that warm, loving sensation. A massage is also a proven way to help put your baby to sleep. There are so many significant and extensively researched benefits of a regular, loving massage. These include:

  • Bonding
  • Relaxation for you both
  • Promotes sleep
  • Reduces tension
  • Helps relieve wind/colic/reflux/constipation
  • Stimulates circulation, co-ordination, muscle tone, immune system and brain development.

The vagus nerve, which connects the brain to important regions of the body, including the stomach, is stimulated by massage. Stimulating this nerve can help your infant gain weight by improving digestion and bowel movement. Massage benefits the components of the nervous system that control our organs to function better.

When should you start baby massage classes?

Baby massage can be started from birth. Skin to skin and gentle caresses are crucial to your newborn. Learning massage within the first three months is so beneficial, but doing not worry if you’re starting later. Nicola’s classes are suitable up until your baby is crawling and as the benefits are life long, you have certainly not left it too late.

Some studies suggest that oil should not be used on your baby’s skin until they are 6 weeks old as it can disrupt the skin barrier and make them prone to eczema. Babies can be massage without oil or over their clothes up until they are 6 weeks. We build up very gradually to a full body massage and keep their top halves clothes for at least the first 2 sessions so if your baby does not like being stripped off do not worry. We can keep them nice and cosy.

Should you massage your baby if they’ve just finished feeding?

It is best to wait at about half an hour before starting their massage. Pay attention to your baby’s mood as well. You do not want to build up any negative association with being massage so always make sure they are happy and calm before starting.

Is there a point when you no longer need to massage your baby?

Keeping a massage routine alive in your family, will continue to have many many benefits into their childhood and beyond. Once they are on the move it becomes a bit more tricky however is still very enjoyable.

Babies who are used to a massage routine will often be willing to lie for short periods of time by engaging them in songs, music, play and chat or using a small toy to keep them still a bit longer. Once they get to about a year, it is lovely to make this a weekly routine and you can get siblings involved too. Massage nights are a lot of fun!

And as they grow and are not babies anymore? Children need high levels of respectful, loving touch. As humans we need touch to survive and to thrive and this is a life long need.

Children in particular need to feel the security, safety and reassurance of cuddles and massage can be a wonderful way to continue to reduce tension in their little bodies and let the know they are loved, respected and important.

You will want to adapt their massage as they get older and are not babies anymore, being very respectful of their bodies, covering private body parts and making sure they feel comfortable and safe. This is a skill that you really can use through their whole childhood.

Our furture mental health is so dependant on our childhood experiences and how we relate to and see the world. When we have love, and feel love, we have everything. It is an enormous life advantage. If every person as a child, experienced the love that baby massage brings, the world would be a completely different place.

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