Baby Massage

Baby Massage classes kirkliston edinburgh

Come and join this gorgeous 5 week block of supportive and informative classes. Currently being run on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:00-11:30am.

Organic coconut oil, a massage handout, tea/coffee and home baking are provided each week for a cost of £59.

Baby Massage is the perfect bonding activity that has so many benefits.

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Baby Massage classes kirkliston edinburgh

“One of the best classes I have taken my little one to.  I’ve really enjoyed the bonding time and seen a great reduction in the amount of tension my baby holds in her body.”  


Baby Massage will will help your baby:

  • Relax
  • Sleep
  • Relieve wind/colic/constipation
  • Stimulate circulation, co-ordination, muscle tone, immune system and brain development.

There are so many significant and extensively researched benefits of a regular loving massage. 

“A child’s first emotional bonds are built from physical contact, laying the foundation for further emotional and intellectual development.”

Dr Tiffany Field, The Touch Research Institute

Baby Massage helps parents feel good too

When you massage your baby, you produce oxytocin. This is a feel good hormone that boosts feelings of love and enhances the bonding process. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety or worry you will benefit from learning this skill with your baby. Difficult births or circumstances around your baby’s birth can have an impact on your feelings. This is really common and it does not mean that you wont feel the rush of love. You will. And making massage a part of your routine with your baby, will really help you do experience this.

“When I first had my baby I was too scared to go out. I was so anxious. But after the first week of coming to baby massage with Nicola, I felt better. My confidence started to grow as I was learning something that made such a difference to my baby. He loved it and it helped his tummy. If I could give this class more than 5 stars, I would.”


The more time you spend in close contact and the more you massage your baby, these feelings will grow. Establishing this loving routine will ensure that your bond will be strong for a lifetime. Massaging your baby improves parent mood and confidence. 

Coming to this gives you the opportunity to chat to other parents. As we all are experience very similar joys and challenges. It does not matter if your baby cries, needs fed or changed. We listen to babies and there is no pressure to keep up. We can go over anything you may miss.

“Nicola creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere where thoughts can be raised without judgement.  The classes are taught at an easy pace, if you are tired.”


“This is the friendliest class I’ve ever been to and you’ve created something really special Nicola.”


“I felt so overwhelmed when my feelings towards baby were not what I had anticipated. Baby massage with Nicola completely turned this around.  I felt more close to him from starting the massage routine. We are both so much happier, as a result of meeting you. Thank you.”


I’m looking forward to meeting you and your baby!

Nicola x

Nicola Wilson HypnoBrthing and Baby Classes Edinburgh West