Baby Yoga

Nicola Wilson Baby Yoga

“We absolutely love coming to Baby Yoga With Nicola. She is really welcoming. Even online we have been able to connect with other Mums. I love spending this quality time with my youngest. She loves it and we have a lot of fun.” – Larraine

What are the Benefits?

Baby Yoga Classes will give your baby a physical and neurological advantage!  They involve sequences for baby and some lovely stretches and breathing exercises for parents too.  We incorporate yoga movements with singing, walking and lifts. This gives your baby a very rich learning experience. It provides babies with lots of positive interaction and enhances communication between you both.

Give your baby an advantage in…

  • Emotional Well being – Babies need healthy and positive early experiences with their caregivers on order to thrive. Strengthening you parent-child bond in infancy will benefit you both throughout your lives together
  • Physical Benefits – Improves circulation and digestion, develops muscle tone, flexibility and balance
  • The Sensory System – Contributes to the development of sensory integration by stimulating the nervous system
  • Neurological development – cross body movements stimulate right brain and left brain connections. This creates new neural pathways
  • Digestion – Helps energy flow through the body.  Gentle movements soothe the digestive system, and stimulation of the movements helps it to mature more quickly
  • Lymphatic System – Helps filter toxins and circulates antibodies throughout the body
  • Relaxation – Helps baby to relax and expend their energy, promoting better sleep
  • Social Experience – Brings parents and babies together in a supportive and relaxed small class environment

Light up Your Baby’s Brain

The Benefits of Baby Yoga are far reaching.  The stimulation babies get from these activities and the high levels of face to face interaction. This ‘lights up’ their brain. This is the scaffolding for higher brain development.

Classes provide an experience that will enhance baby’s development and strengthen family bonds long term.

“Some of the songs we have learned in baby yoga are the one thing I can rely on to settle my baby. I’m sure it immediately makes him think of all the fun we have in classes and it cheers me up too!”


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