Baby Massage

“A child’s first emotional bonds are built from physical contact, laying the foundation for further emotional and intellectual development.” Dr Tiffany Field, The Touch Research Institute

“One of the best classes I have taken my little one to.  I’ve really enjoyed the bonding time and seen a great reduction in the amount of tension my baby holds in her body.  

“Nicola creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere where thoughts can be raised without judgement.  The classes are taught at an easy pace for those that are struggling with mum-brain and the tea and homemade cakes afterwards are amazing!” Sarah

Baby Massage is the perfect bonding activity

There are so many significant and extensively researched benefits of a regular loving massage. 

It will help your baby:

  • Relax
  • Sleep
  • Relieve wind/colic/constipation
  • Stimulate circulation, co-ordination, muscle tone, immune system and brain development.

Coming to this class with Nicola has great benefits for you as a parent too.  You will be welcomed in to the cosy studio, have the chance to chat to to other parents experiencing the same joys and challenges, reassured never to worry if your baby cries, needs fed or changed in class – they will all have their turn.

Looking after parents is an absolute must in all of my classes. You need nurtured too as this is a wonderful but demanding time.

Massaging your baby has been proven to improve low mood and self esteem.  Maternal wellbeing is so important too.

Coming to your class Nicola was the first time I really felt ‘I can do this’.  It is the friendliest class I’ve ever been to and you’ve created something really special. 

When you massage your baby, you will feel good too and you will discover more and more about them. Your bond will be strong for a lifetime.

I felt so overwhelmed at the start as my feelings towards baby were not what I had anticipated. Baby massage at Gentle Beginnings completely turned this around.  I felt more close to him in those first few weeks from starting the massage routine and we are both so much happier as a result of meeting you. Thank you.

Each baby massage block is run over 5 consecutive weeks.

Organic coconut oil, parent handouts, tea/coffee and home baking provided each week for a cost of £59

You can find all up and coming class dates and times on the website or on the Gentle Beginnings FB page.

Contact to reserve your space and all confirmation and payment details will be emailed to you.

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