GroovaRoo Dance


The first GroovaRoo Classes in Scotland are here at Gentle Beginnings! 

Thursdays 10am-11:15am at The Gentle Beginnings Studio


Tuesdays 1pm-2:15pm South Queensferry

“Our mission is to build interactive parent-child dance communities where parents can dance with their kids and other love-minded families through the whole of their childhoods: pre-natal, infant/baby, toddler/preschooler, school age, and adolescent/teenagers.”  

​Meeshi and Amber Anjali, GroovaRoo Founders


GroovaRoo is a unique baby wearing soul line dancing class and I am proud to be the very first Instructor in Scotland.  It is all about bonding with your baby and feeling uplifted by music and dance.  It provides a much needed opportunity to come together as a group, connect with and support each other in a such a fun way,  We love to promote a bit of baby wearing too, as most babies are so soothed by being in their carrier.  Many parents once they discover this are going back to basics with the way we used to carry our babies generations ago and finding daily life much easier as a result.  This class also really has post natal mental health in mind and one of the reasons I offer it is to help make you feel good.  It should really get your endorphins flowing!

The music is a mixture of up beat current and classic soul.  In soul line dancing we dance as a close group and focus on the enjoyment of moving to the music and feeling good, creating a unique and soulful environment.  The focus is not on post natal fitness, how quickly you can pick up the steps or how well you are dancing but about connecting with your child and each other.  They are excellent classes for keeping you active, keeping you smiling and helping your baby feel safe and secure.


​Moving and dancing with your baby is such a natural thing to do and there are lots of benefits:

  • connecting and bonding more deeply with your baby
  • improving baby’s sensory-motor development
  • developing baby’s spatial awareness
  • meeting baby’s need for motion and closeness with their caregiver


What Sling Will I Need for the Class?


All current research on optimal hip position and safety aspects of baby wearing are considered.  Slings that have a wide base to support your baby in a spread-squat position are the only slings permitted in class and there may be a sling you can borrow on the day.  Babies legs must be up and round your middle and not dangling.

Examples of the types of carriers that have a wide base are:

  • Soft structured carriers :

Tula, ErgoBaby, Lilliebaby, Emeibaby, Boba, Je Port Mon Bebe

  • Stretchy wraps (up to 20lbs)

  • Meh Dai carriers:

Babyhawk, Catbird Baby, Infantino

I do have some carriers people can borrow for classes so please just ask.

Postnatal Considerations

You and your baby must have had your 6 week checks to ensure you are fit for gentle exercise. We do focus on taking small steps, and being gentle with yourself and your baby.  Small babies heads are supported with one hand at all times and all movements are choreographed with safety of baby and with postpartum considerations in mind. If you have any worries regarding physical issues that might put you at risk during physical activity, please speak to your midwife, GP or physio for advice prior to attending.

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