HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method

“When we change the way that we view birth, the way that we birth will change.” Marie Mongan

Congratulations on your pregnancy! 

This is such an exciting time in your life and we want your pregnancy to be filled with positivity, excitement and anticipation.  So what is HypnoBirthing and how can it help you?

No matter how you are feeling about the birth of your baby, and  whether it is your first, second or third child, HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method can help you to have the best birth experience possible. 

Among the excitement of awaiting your little one’s arrival, can often be fear of the big day itself.  It is common to worry about what sort of experience we will have.  We are all used to hearing traumatic birth stories, which unfortunately when they are passed on to us, affect our thinking and make us question whether natural childbirth is safe or even possible.  If you have had a previous birth that was traumatic, the thought  of going through that again can be very distressing.

I have heard many mums to be say “birth is unpredictable, I will just go with the flow on the day.”  Yes, birth can be unpredictable, however you have so much power and potential to make this birth  positive and to await your baby’s arrival feeling safe and secure.

The evidence base for HypnoBirthing is there and it is significant.  When we prepare our minds for success in any situation, do you know what? Success is more likely to come.  This is hugely significant for child birth.  The mind and the body work together and the mind controls what the body does – everything it does. Mental preparation is therefore key to how our bodies react in labour and birth.

HypnoBirthing classes at Gentle Beginnings guide you through a thorough child birth preparation process where you will learn how to condition your mind and body for calm, during labour and birth.  The good news here is even if situations genuinely out of our control do arise, you can meet them with calm not panic.

Women who choose HypnoBirthing have:

  • increased control of their birth
  • less need for pain relief 
  • shorter labours
  •  fewer complications 
  •  a quicker birth recovery 
  • happier babies who have not experienced birth trauma 

Experiencing the level of relaxation that Hypnosis gives, controls your stress levels during your pregnancy which is so important for you and your developing baby. Birth partners are given clear guidance and can play their part in the birth room with more confidence and knowledge.

The HypnoBirthing Advantage

Having the best birth possible paves the way for a smooth transition into your baby’s early days, for the whole family.  When you have been in control of your birth and it has been positive, the endorphins continue to flow and help you to feel the best you can once your baby is here, with less chance of having postnatal anxiety and low mood.

The Mongan Method is the most detailed and comprehensive childbirth education course using hypnosis. It was created by Marie Mongan, an award winning Hypnotherapist and  original HypnoBirthing creator. 

There are 5 sessions, each is two and a half hours long, and they are run over 5 consecutive weeks. A maximum of three couples are in each class. It is strongly recommended that your birth partner attends the course with you. Refresher classes available.

You receive your text book, Hypnosis MP3, and handouts. We have tea/coffee and home baking half way through each class.

What Does The Course Involve?

The course is theory based and involves guided hypnosis and some small practical tasks.  We just ask you to come with an open mind. We find that people quickly engage in the course content with so much interest and enthusiasm that any apprehensions is soon forgotten.

HypnoBirthing Course Content:

  • Education around physiological childbirth 
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Relaxation 
  • Visualisations
  • Affirmations 
  • Hypnosis tools and techniques 

HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method is recognised and recommended by The Royal College of Midwives, RCM. It is a great investment in one of the most important days of your life. Your baby’s birthing day.  Don’t leave your birth to chance. Learn about your options and prepare your mind and body for success. 

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