We see you. We see you Mama, Mummy, Mum. We’ve questioned ourselves too. We’ve felt lost in countless hours. We’ve felt the power of having pieces of our heart walking the earth, and the fear that something could break them.  We’ve felt the polar pulls to both run away and stay.   The pulse and power of motherhood.  A singular journey to be made without a map (or a nap!). We see you Mummy, we hear you mummy, and this space is for you.

Kira Dorian and Tracy Adams, Clinical Hypnotherapists and founders of HypnoMothering

So now you know about HypnoBirthing and how much families benefit from it, let me tell you about HypnoMothering, a one off 3 hour session just for Mums.  Self hypnosis is such a powerful tool and and I wish I had been able to do this class when my first child was a baby.
If we backtrack to how we feel in pregnancy, it’s mostly about the birth isn’t it. It is absolutely recommended to prepare ourselves, mind and body, for our baby’s birth. We can increase our chances of having a positive experience and limit childbirth trauma. But it is so helpful to prepare yourself for the transition to Motherhood too. For many of us, and I was definitely one of them, it is common not to think too deeply about how we will feel and how we will cope when our baby comes along. Thousands of people become parents every single day, it’s not a new phenomenon after all!  I thought it would all be quite easy if I’m honest.  If we take a closer look at our society’s norms these days, we can see why Motherhood on particular is more stressful now than it ever was.
In days gone by women would give birth surrounded by family and their daily support would continue. Nowadays we may have all the technology and convenience of modern day life, but we have lost our ‘village’ that they say takes to raise a child. We live in our own individual houses, separate from our extended family. We don’t ask for help. We don’t know our neighbours very well.  We spend long hours alone with our children. We don’t admit when we are struggling due to the pressure there is today around having it all and achieving perfection. Like it or not it is there.  Just take a look at the effect social media has on us when we are constantly being exposed to other people’s ‘perfect lives’ and we get into the comparison trap and immediately feel bad about ourselves.
Now I love seeing my friends and family’s happy smiling faces don’t get me wrong, however when we are not feeling our best, seeing screeds of happy pictures of people we know seeming to be ‘living their best life’ does have a detrimental effect. New Mums are especially vulnerable to feeling this way.  That is because we are on a steep learning curve and we want to know how everyone else handles the situations we are faced with.  When it look like everyone is coping amazingly, we wonder why we are not.
” I was so relaxed after doing Nicola’s HypnoMothering class, I felt like I’d been at a spa day! I was struggling to admit how hard aI was finding things and this has given me the tools to cope with the stressful times and fully enjoy the good times.” Helen.
We are often figuring things out on our own, googling everything from why ‘won’t my baby sleep’ to ‘how to be a good parent’.  Postnatal depression affects 3 in 10 women in the UK, and many cases go undiagnosed. (Mental Health and Wellbeing www.gov.uk). And there has been a steady increase in depression rates in general over many years. (David brown BBC news 2017).
“The most relaxed I have been in years. Thank you Nicola.”
So, when I heard about HypnoMothering and looked at the programme for the first time, I cried. I cried big fat tears when Kira Dorian and Tracy Adams, my HypnoBirthing colleague’s from the US, shared this course. This hugely needed course that they created, in response to the needs of women who are at the start of or in the midst of their child’s 0-5 years.
“What a weight has been lifted to know that I’m not alone. EVERY Mum should do this class!” Jenny

If you ever been spending time with your baby and some unwanted thought creeps into your head and sabotages your good days, you may have a tendency towards runaway or anxious thoughts.  They rob us of the precious time where we should be happy with our family.  This is so common for new Mums and we feel bad for feeling this way so we don’t talk about it.  Then we get caught in a cycle of sadness and guilt.  I’ve heard this often and have experienced it.  It makes me so sad as your baby is little for such a short time.  We need to look back with happiness not sorrow that we didn’t enjoy it. What we need to do is stop negative thoughts in their tracks.  Hypnosis techniques are perfect for this.


“I was so sleep deprived and was feeling so anxious.  I already feel the strategies are helping.” Kate.


You don’t have to be struggling and in a bad place to do this course. HypnoMothering is made for every mum out there to know that you are not alone. We have all given birth to these precious little people that we want to protect with all of our being, and we want to enjoy them in their soft, squishy, adorable babyhood.  Let’s ride the emotional roller coaster with more fun and laughter, and brilliant memories of being happy.


“What an absolutely unique and so much needed class for Mums. I’m so glad I found it.” Leanne.

Sessions with Nicola transport you into ultimate relaxation and give you tools that will help you manage anxiety, sleep deprivation. frustration, and worries, for your entire parenting journey. The cost is £68 and you receive your hypnosis audios, handouts, tea/coffee and home made brownies, and a glass of prosecco for an extra little treat if you wish.

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