Nikki and Scott March 2020

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Congratulations to Nikky and Scott welcomed their beautiful baby girl Eloise on Sunday 8th March 2020.

Nikky and Scott started their HypnoBirthing classes with me in November 2019. At the start, HypnoBirthing was a maybe for this couple, however my course came recommended by good friends of theirs. They really trusted the opinion of this couple who I taught in early 2019, so Nikky and Scott decided to make that investment and get booked in. When they started classes I remember them saying they had no specific preferences for what they wanted for their birth. They would just go with the flow during labour and do what they were told, in the hospital, on the day.

WELL…. what a journey we had. As they started to learn more about what they could control, they had very clear ideas and began to realise what they did want for the birth of their daughter. The insight they gained from HypnoBirthing opened up completely new possibilities for them. Nikky, who hadn’t heard much about HypnoBirthing previously, committed 100% to the course. They both did and were a pleasure to teach. After a short time of learning the HypnoBirthing techniques, Nikky was able to fully and completely let her body go into immediate relaxation. She practised daily. She used her breathing techniques to keep her calm in pregnancy and for practise for the main event. She learned how to help her body and mind to go deeper into relaxation. Scott was there at every class, learning how he could give Nikky his support. The education for birth companions helped him to understand the birth process and how he could advocate for Nikky when needed.

Nikky and Scott both conditioned their minds through hypnosis, to clear out negative or worrying thoughts about the birth. They both knew how and why they should put trust in the natural process of birth. As Marie Mongan said “When we change the way that we view birth, the way that we birth will change.” And this is exactly what Nikky did. Having a partner who was able to do this too, made this a confident team effort, where their reassurance to each other made Nikky’s confident mindset even stronger.

Getting closer to the big day

In in the weeks leading up to her labour Nikky said “I just feel so calm and in control.” I’m so excited I actually just can’t wait for it to happen and for her to be here.”  Laughing Nikky said ”I never thought I’d say that!”

Scott felt the same and he commented on a few occasions during the course and after, that he was blown away by the change in Nikky and how she had no apprehensions anymore about giving birth. Having this level of confidence as a first time Mum, really surprised and delighted this couple. Scott said ‘We’ve been telling everyone about HypnoBirthing. Honestly, I don’t know why more people don’t do this. It really has made the biggest difference.”

The excitement starts to build!

When the first signs came that something was happening, I got a message from Nikky at 9am. She said her waters had released the night before but not a lot was happening. She wasn’t feeling regular surges. She was asked by the midwife to go into hospital at 1pm that day as it was procedure to start thinking about induction. In classes we talk through these types of scenarios, and I remain on hand for advice. Nikky was still very happy and calm and in control. Feeling plenty of movement and knowing all was fine with baby, Nikky thought she might hold off on induction plans as long as she could. I gave her some recommendations on how she could help her body to release tension and for things to begin on their own.

In HypnoBirthing we understand the circumstances which indicate that medical intervention is needed. We also learn to trust the body. We learn about the amazing processes the body has to help birth, not hinder it. For the vast majority of women, birth is not a dangerous process that is likely to go wrong. And as one of my HypnoBirthing colleagues Michelle Clift once said, “Mother Nature is not a dumb ass!” I love that. The body really does know what it’s doing. As long as Mum and baby are well and there are no special circumstances, we let things gradually unfold with no pressure or force.

The Birthing Day

When Nikky went in to hospital for her checks as planned, and that induction chat, to her utter amazement when she was examined by the midwife, she was told that actually there would no be need for any intervention as she was 6cms dilated!! Nikky said “HypnoBirthing has worked amazingly. I am in absolute awe and all of the midwives are too because I really haven’t had much discomfort. Will just keep going and I can absolutely rock the birthing phase too. So excited to meet our little bundle.”

So Nikky did not know that she was in established labour. It was a trip to the labour ward at that point. Everyone was absolutely delighted and amazed.

And here is the rest of her story in Nikky’s own words.

“The midwives were amazing and dimmed the lights for me, got me a birth ball to bounce on and put on clary sage aromatherapy oil. Scott was playing my affirmations and helping me through my surge breathing. He was with me on every single surge that I had. When I entered the birthing phase I could feel my body wanting to push and at this point I did have the moment we talked about in class of “I can’t do this anymore” and I asked for pain relief. Both Scott and my midwife were unbelievable and reminded me of what our vision was. The midwife did also tell me that I would still feel every surge exactly as I was now so I knew that I could do this on my own.

There were moments my body was tensing if I hadn’t managed to breathe correctly and Scott was always there touching my shoulder to help me to relax and focus again. We played the rainbow relaxation over and over and even though I was well and truly in a world of my own I heard every word from him keeping me strong and positive. I used my birth breathing and she moved down the birth  path. She was placed straight into my arms for skin to skin contact and we were given time for the cord to stop pulsating before it was cut.

I know that our HypnoBirthing was with both of us every single second and even in moments of doubt Scott helped me to remember my strength.”

Thank you for sharing your beautiful HypnoBirthing Story with us Nikky and Scott. You completely transformed your opinions about childbirth. I couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated, open, friendly and delightful couple. You will be such fantastic parents to you little girl. Congratulations once again.

Nicola x

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