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Imagine looking forward to the birth of your baby with confidence. Having a sense of what you want, knowing your options and feeling calm and safe. Imagine giving birth in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, trusting your body and having a steady mind. Imagine that moment of birth when your baby is born and you have that overwhelming sense of accomplishment. You did it! Your baby is here. Imagine. Because, “when we change the way we view birth, the way that we birth will change.” Marie Mongan

“Hypnobirthing classes with Nicola were to this day the best money we’ve spent. 1 year on we are so grateful we had such a beautiful birth thanks to this course.”

Katie & Tom

“Hypnobirthing changed everything for us.  I did something I never thought I could do.  Nicola we will thank you forever.”

Gillian & Kevin

How do you feel about giving birth?

You go from that wonderful moment of a positive pregnancy test, to the prospect of giving birth, often with the stories of friends and family members who did not have good tales to tell in the back of your mind. Among the excitement of awaiting your little one’s arrival, can often be fear of the big day itself.  It is common to worry about what sort of experience you will have. 

I’m sure you will have heard of a few traumatic birth stories since becoming pregnant, and if this is your first pregnancy, they affect your view of childbirth, can make you feel fearful and make you question whether natural childbirth is safe or even possible. These experiences are valid and do need to be heard, however they are not your story.  If you have had a previous birth that was traumatic, the thought of going through something similar again, can be very distressing.  Hypnobirthing will help you through the experience of this pregnancy  and birth.  Having the calm confidence of Hypnobirthing can change everything.

” Preparing for this birth has really helped me deal with what happened before and I never thought I’d say this but I’m actually looking forward to it!” Megan

I have heard many mums to be say “birth is unpredictable, I will just go with the flow on the day.”  Yes, birth can be unpredictable, however you have so much power and potential to make this birth  positive and to await your baby’s arrival feeling safe and secure.

Preparing for Success is So Important 

When you prepare your mind for success in any situation, do you know what? Success is more likely to come.  This is hugely important for child birth.  The mind and the body work together and the mind controls what the body does – everything it does. Mental preparation is therefore key to how our bodies react in labour and birth. Our daily thoughts and feelings, positive or negative, really do influence and shape our life experiences. Turning this around can change everything.

Giving Birth With Hypnobirthing

This is such an exciting time for you. I am here to support you to ensure that you experience your pregnancy with positive anticipation and go on to have a birth experience that will be more full of joy and happiness than you can imagine! Hypnobirthing with Nicola Wilson is a 5 week course offering 12.5 hours of ante natal education that transforms how you will see birth and therefore how you will give birth.

There is also a condensed online course available every 2 weeks during lockdown. It is run over 2 consecutive evenings from 7:30-9:30pm. It will prepare you with the essential information that you will need to have a calm and confident birth. This course has been developed to reach more couples during this time and for those who are further along in their pregnancy that cannot commit to the full 5 weeks.

Find class dates and times here

Eliminating Fear and Tension

Fear in the mind and body has an impact on birth and can interfere with the progress of labour and the outcome of birth. Hypnobirthing takes care of fear and tension, and instils confidence and calm by working on a subconscious level. This means that you can look forward to the birth of your baby with a very positive mindset. Hypnobirthing increases your chances of your birth being a more straightforward, empowering and so memorable for all the right reasons. It is antenatal education with a difference. Hypnobirthing plays a hugely significant role in reducing birth trauma empowering everyone who is preparing for this amazing life event.


What Do Classes Involve?

Hypnobirthing classes are antenatal classes with a difference. The classes are run in small groups in a warm, relaxed and highly welcoming environment. There is underfloor heating, blankets, large floor cushions, tea/coffee and home baking. Nicola spends time getting to know each couple and what is important for you, taking into account any previous birth experiences you have had. She explains the childbirth information clearly with a wealth of experience and a passion for her subject. The hypnosis involves getting comfortable and listening to a guided relaxation. Nicola offers support and guidance to help you navigate your way from preparation and writing your birth preferences, through to day of your baby’s birth.

“We are enjoying Nicola’s Hypnobirthing classes so much! We feel totally different after the very first class.  Feeling so excited to come back tonight.” 


“Nicola’s voice was made for hypnosis. Listening to her is just so relaxing.”


Hypnobirthing is for Every Birth

The wonderful thing abut Hypnobirthing is that it is for everyone, whatever type of birth you are planning and if it has to be medicalised for specific circumstances.  If situations genuinely out of our control do arise during your labour and birth, Hypnobirthing allows you to meet them with calm not panic.  

“Our birth experience, although it didn’t go exactly to plan, we would both still describe as positive. I can’t imagine being so calm if I hadn’t done this course. My Mum couldn’t believe how relaxed I was. I just took everything as it came. I think my emotional recovery was quicker as I hadn’t been upset by what happened. My mind was steady and it just took over””


Supporting Partners

Hypnobirthing includes and empowers partners, where often they may feel unsure of their role. It gives clear guidance and suggestions on how to support you in pregnancy, labour and birth. This increased awareness helps you and your baby to experience a more relaxed and calm pregnancy.

HypnoBirthing and Baby Classes Kirkliston Edinburgh

When to Start Hypnobirthing

It is best to start classes when you are between 20-30 weeks pregnant. Preparing your body and mind with a regular practise with give you a significant advantage to your overall pregnancy and birth experience. If you are beyond 30 weeks however and you have only just heard about Hypnobirthing, the Essentials course will be hugely beneficial.

Hypnobirthing classes

Hypnobirthing is Evidence Based

Hypnobirthing is evidence based

Approved by Drs, Anaestatists, Obstrricians, and Midwives, the evidence shows that women who choose Hypnobirthing have:

  • increased control of their birth
  • less need for pain relief
  • shorter labours
  • fewer complications
  • a quicker birth recovery
  • happier babies who have not experienced birth trauma

Hypnobirthing Improves The Fourth Trimester

Postnatal Period

Having the best birth possible paves the way for a smooth transition into your baby’s early days, for the whole family.  When you have been in control of your birth and it has been positive, the endorphins continue to flow and help you to feel the best you can once your baby is here, with less chance of having postnatal anxiety, depression or low mood.

The Hypnobirthing Studio

“The studio is so so relaxing. Fairy lights, essential oils, underfloor heating and lovely big cushions and blankets. I actually feel I could give birth in there, haha! Nicola is really kind and gives you delicious home baking half way through the class. She makes you feel so cared for and welcome.” Natalie

See Price List and contact info@nicolawilsonhypnobirthing.com to chat to Nicola and to book your space.

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Katie, Tom and Baby Jax, Feb 2020
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