Nicola Wilson Hypnotherapy

Nicola Wilson Trainee Clinical Hypnotherapist

I am currently training for a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma at The Clifton Practice in Edinburgh (the leading hypnotherapy clinic in the South West) and will qualify in June 2022.

As a student member of the Association of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) and the National Council for Hypnotherapists (NCH) I am able to work with clients free of charge and then at half price rates from mid March 2022..

The number of sessions needed will vary, for example: treatment of phobias would usually require 3 sessions, treatment of depression or anxiety may require approximately 8 – 10 sessions. Anti-smoking – a single session.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, powerful psychotherapeutic tool which can be used to break the negative cycle of depression and anxiety.

It can help with addictions, anger, blood pressure, weight control, lack of confidence, insomnia, IBS, relationship/marital difficulties, migraine, nail biting, nightmares, obsessions, panic attacks, fears, phobias, stress and much more.

Hypnotherapy uses the application of hypnotic techniques to bring about therapeutic change and is a very pleasant and relaxing experience.

For more information or to book a consultation, please contact me.