Maternal Mental Health

Maternal Mental Health

Maternal Mental health is a subject close to my heart. When I did my HypnoMothering teacher training course, it was the first time that I really understood all the feelings that Iā€™d been hit with when I had my first baby. There was a huge shift for me, and it was very emotional. I was so grateful to be doing this training so that I could go on to empower and reassure and guide women through the transition into Motherhood.

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I listened to a podcast recently where a physician spoke of her despair after her daughter was born. Her baby had trouble feeding and sleeping and she just felt overwhelmed. She thought, how can I, with my comfortable life, all my knowledge and resources at my fingertips, not be coping. What do Mums who are not as fortunate do? This did not surprise me. It does not matter how educated, in control or comfortable you are before your baby arrives. Adjusting to life as a Mum is huge and the emotions and challenges we face are part of being human. We ALL have struggles. Nobody has got it together 100% of the time. Understanding this is SO important and it can be such a relief. Improving Maternal Mental health will improve life for us and for our children. It is the key to continuing our parenting journey with more joy, love and happiness.

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