Positive Caesarean Birth Story – Laura and Richie

Laura and Richie show that a positive caesarean birth with Hypnobirthing is possible! They did Hypnobirthing with me and fully embraced the experience. Laura was so calm and positive but found out that her baby was breech at 36weeks.

Here is their story.

Nicola Wilson Hypnobirthing

I had a scan at 36 weeks to find out my placenta had moved (as it had been low lying) but baby was breech.

Got sent for another scan 2 weeks later to find out baby was still presenting as breech (devastated)! At this point I got papers left at the bottom of my bed and told to sign up for an elective section – trying to turn the baby wouldn’t work….. this was the first time I had used my hypnobirthing techniques as before I would have done whatever a doctor advised but instead. I went out and spoke to a midwife and said I wasn’t ready to make a decision / sign any papers. I went home and was able to return the next day. 

On my return I got a very different doctor who said trying an External Cephalic Version had a 50-70% chance of working so that’s what I got. In the meantime I tried techniques from spinning babies and a breech baby hypnosis script with Nicola. 

The ECV Procedure

Week 38/39 I went in for my ECV, I was prepared, had my hospital bag in the car and my Hypnobirthing relaxation playing….. was this experience pleasant? No…. but was it painful …. also no, it was, well fine. Normally they would only try to turn baby once as they can become distressed. My baby’s heart rate was so stable and I was coping so well with the help of my hypnosis, that they were able too try the turn 4 times! The staff were amazed.

Unfortunately my baby didn’t move but I felt in control and at that point made my decision to sign up for an elective section rather than trying a breech birth. A decision I do not regret and something I felt confident and even began to feel a bit excited about. I was going to meet my baby very soon! 

The Big Day!

My babies birthing day arrived! I was filled with excitement and calm all at once. I was ready to meet my baby. We got to the hospital at 7:30am and I was second on the list and got a bed in the maternity ward until the labour ward was ready for me. I sent my partner away about 9am for an hour, I needed to prepare. I got my rainbow relaxation on and got into the zone. Before I knew it, it was my turn. Finally get to meet my baby!!! 

The section was just wonderful, from start to finish, I got to speak to the doctor doing my section first and requested skin to skin directly after birth and delayed cord clamping for as long as was safe. All was agreed and in I went. It was such a happy, upbeat and relaxed environment. Everyone was laughing and we managed to film the whole thing (from the curtain up) we also took some photos and the anaesthetist even took some for us. 

Nicola Wilson Hypnobirthing

My baby boy was here, happy and healthy! He didn’t cry for about an hour after birth and started feeding within an hour of being born. It was the most wonderful experience of my life. I felt completely in control, pain free and happiness like I’ve never felt in my life.  I now know that a positive caesarean is possible.

What Hypnobirthing Did For Me

Not only did Hypnobirthing work for me during my pregnancy and birth but it was a wonderful tool to use afterwards. If Joshua was having a meltdown I could put the hypnosis audios on and this would calm him…… and me. It gave me techniques to help me stay calm and relaxed. Some I still use now. 

I am now 27 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and hoping for a VBAC, but you know what, it’s okay if it’s not, as long as my baby gets here safe. I am also on week 4 of my hypnobirthing course, one of the best investments I have ever made, after all what’s more important than the day you give birth to your baby?

Positive Caesarean birth

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