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The following reviews are a credit to Nicola Wilson HypnoBirthing and Baby Classes. They show just how much these experiences have meant to families and what a much loved community resource it has become.

With an atmosphere of openness, non-judgement and recognition of all parents, Nicola’s warm approach and kindness is second to none.

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Megan and Andy 2020

Welcome their second baby Felix

“I could never have imagined that this birth would be so amazing. Having had a traumatic first birth experience without HypnoBirthing, (18 hours with almost every intervention available, waters being broken, gas and air, multiple epidurals, spinal, foreceps delivery, stitches and further complications afterwards) I could never imagined this experience would be so amazing. No pain relief at all during or after the birth, no examinations, and no interventions. I felt so much more knowledgeable about what was happening to my body and SO much more prepared this time around. Thank you for everything Nicola.”

Nicky and Scott 2020

Welcome their first baby Eloise

Written during established labour: “HypnoBirthing has worked amazingly. I am in absolute awe I am already 6cms dilated. All of the midwives are too because I really haven’t had much discomfort. Will just keep going and I can absolutely rock the birthing phase too. So excited to meet our little bundle.”

(And she did. Nicky’s birth was beautifully straight forward. You can read the full story here.

Katie and Tom 2020

Welcome their first baby Jackson

“Thank you so much for all of your help and support over the past 5 weeks Nicola. I never thought it was possible to feel this confident about my upcoming birth. That is all thanks to you and the HypnoBirthing techniques you have shared. I can finally say that I am not only not scared about the birth but I am looking forward to it! The course has not only changed how I see pregnancy and birth, but also how I function day to day! A million times over, THANK YOU!

I had the pleasure of tending to Katie during her labour. She had a beautiful home birth and used her HypnoBirthing techniques in place of any pain relief. She remained focused and strong and amazed us all.

Holly and Baby Max 2020

“Thank you for everything over the last year Nicola. From baby massage to GroovaRoo dance! You have dramatically increased my confidence and made my experience of becoming a first time Mum so special. Thank you for being so wonderful Nicola! “

Rebecca and Baby Caleb 2020

“A big thank you for having Caleb and I for 3 amazing baby massage blocks. They have been truly the most enjoyable classes. The atmosphere, the techniques, learning how to help Caleb in all ways with massage. Plus your baking is out of this world! We look forward to coming back and checking out your other classes.”

Gillian and Kevin 2019

Welcome their first baby Ada

“As a first time mum I wanted to feel as prepared as possible for my baby’s birth. I was aware of how a women’s experience of birth could have a lasting effect. Nicola’s excellent at explaining the concepts and her voice is perfect for delivering the relaxation scripts. I found it key to staying as relaxed as possible during pregnancy and labour. I cannot recommend HypnoBirthing with Nicola highly enough. For us, this is an invaluable course to prepare for your pregnancy and birth. I think it’s uses will be long lasting. We thank you for everything , including the homemade baking! We are forever grateful.”

Cathryn and Baby Rory

“Baby Massage was an ideal first class and a total haven in the midst of new baby choas! We have both loved every minute of GroovaRoo as well and feel very lucky to have benefited from it. We will definitely be back in the future!”

Serena and Gary 2019

Welcome their first baby Theo

“We just want to say thank you so much for the HypnoBirthing classes. We loved coming to class in such a relaxed setting. Without them and your guidance, I think the birth would have been very different. Everything you taught us was invaluable and we are so thankful and glad we did the course. Also we have loved coming to baby massage – Theo has loved it and so has Mummy. All your classes are amazing and you are such a lovely person which makes the classes even better.”

Laura and Richie 2019

Welcome their first baby Joshua

“I cannot recommend Nicola’s HypnoBirthing classes highly enough. When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to make an investment in my baby’s birth. After hearing great reviews about HypnoBirthing and doing a bit of my own research I knew this was a practice I wanted to use and learn more about. Nicola’s knowledge is just amazing, as is her home baking! Going along to the weekly classes with my partner really taught us so much and brought us closer together throughout our pregnancy journey. I can honestly say that the classes have made me feel totally prepared for the birth of my baby, something that money can’t buy. Thank you Nicola”

Vicky and Liam 2018

Welcome their first baby Ava

“HypnoBirthing has really helped me and my husband to prepare for the birth our baby. We learned many relaxation techniques and understand much more about birthing and our options. I feel a lot calmer in myself and feel much more prepared for giving birth with the support of my husband. Nicola made us feel very relaxed in her warm and welcoming studio. The home baking was delicious too! I would highly recommend this course.”

Laura 2019

Great baby massage classes run by the wonderful Nicola. The classes are very relaxed and Nicola makes you feel so welcome. She’s so passionate about the benefits of baby massage for both parent and baby and that really comes across in her classes. I really enjoyed going on a Monday morning with my son and he particularly likes his face and back massage!! An added bonus is Nicola’s amazing home baking and a cuppa!

Vicky 2018

“I have just completed the baby massage class with my daughter. What a great opportunity to spend some relaxing time bonding with my baby as well as learning the skills of baby massage. My daughter loves baby massage and enjoyed being massaged at home. There was also time at Nicola’s classes to speak to everyone else at the class as well as enjoy a cuppa and a delicious slice of home made cake at the end. This was really beneficial as you got to know others in the same position as you. Nicola was very welcoming and supportive throughout the classes and always took an interest in how our babies were and how the massage was going at home. I would definitely recommend baby massage with Nicola.”

Kate 2018

“Whilst I have been blessed with my two gorgeous boys I have had a struggle being a second time mum, it’s not been easy!! The classes at Gentle Beginnings which Nicola runs have been amazing for me and my wee boy. Baby massage, baby yoga and last night’s HypnoMothering class have been the best things I could have ever done. The calm, supportive and caring environment is second to none and this has been a huge help to me. A wee added bonus is that you get the best piece of home baking ever after each session!! I can’t recommend highly enough for every parent!!”

Jen 2018

“Gracie and I loved our baby massage course! Nicola provides such a welcoming and cosy environment for you and your little one. It was a lovely class to do with Gracie whist her big sister was at nursery. We have practised massage everyday since beginning the class and now it is part of our routine – I have noticed a wee boost with Gracie’s sleep at night too! Nicola makes everyone feel so relaxed – it was so nice to chat amongst other mums’ and dads’, sharing experiences and advice – we’ve made lovely new friends! Not forgetting Nicola’s home made cakes – amazing and such a treat! We plan to follow on with baby yoga and GroovaRoo with Nicola!”

Aili 2018

“I absolutely loved bonding with my son through dance and music. Also loved the fact that my little bubba would drift off to sleep on my chest while we danced, which he hadn’t done since he was just a few weeks old! GroovaRoo is also a great way to meet other mums and socialise in a relaxed environment.”

Helen 2017

“I have attended both the baby massage course and HypnoMothering and without a doubt they have been the most positive things I have done with my daughter so far. I first did baby massage when my baby was six weeks and I still massage my daughter every day. It helped me to develop such a strong bond. It gives me an activity to do every day that whatever mood either of us are in it brings us together. Every time I massage her legs now she giggles and squeals!  When Nicola then mentioned HypnoMothering I knew it was something I wanted to try. I was struggling to admit how hard I was finding being a mum at times. I was coping, but only just, and I wanted to develop some skills to help me relax, enjoy the wonderful times but also be more resilient during the difficult moments. The course was brilliant – I left feeling like I had been at a spa I was so relaxed. It helped me find that light within the tunnel!”​  

“Thank you for your wonderful reviews. I have enjoyed sharing the journey with each and every one of you.”


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