Gentle Beginnings Stories

Kate and Hamish 

How did you hear about classes at Gentle Beginnings?

A neighbour who has attended the classes at Gentle Beginnings highly recommended them.

What classes have you attended?

Baby massage, baby yoga and HypnoMothering

How did you feel after the birth of your baby?

This is my second child and I felt highly anxious and nervous but delighted and so happy at the same time. I was so worried about the change it would bring for us as a family but so excited too.

Did you feel nervous about coming to classes with your new baby?

I’m always nervous about starting new things especially with a tiny wee one but I felt so at ease the minute I came along. The really calm, caring and easy atmosphere helped me so much just to be relaxed. That really helped my wee one too as he was so calm at classes. I would say to someone just to go with it and trust that the atmosphere is one which is calm and welcoming.

How did the classes make you feel and has anything changed for you or your baby as a result?

The classes made me feel relaxed and part of something. It helped with a wee routine for us and gave me some extra tools to helped soothe my wee one when he was getting quite upset. I use the massage techniques on a daily basis and now have a little yoga time when we are playing together in the morning. It’s helped me build the bond so much!! My wee one loves the massage and yoga,, he is very settled when we do these things and it has helped so much.

Have you met any friends at the classes?

Yes all the ladies and babies that I have met are lovely. It’s nice having a small group as we all get a chance to chat.

I would highly recommend Gentle Beginnings to a friend, its been the best thing for us!!

If someone was struggling with difficult feelings after their baby’s birth what would you say to them?

This is a hard one… I know what I wouldn’t say which is “it will pass”, “it gets easier” and “you are not alone”…. When you are in the moment of struggling or feeling rubbish you are not thinking about it getting easier or the fact that you are not alone. You feel very alone at that moment in time. I would always say to go with you feelings, try not fight them, talk to someone and try and find some time for you.

Thanks for being amazing Nicola, your classes are fabby and the work you put into them so appreciated!! Kate